Couples Therapy – Gottman Method (75 min couple session)

$140.00 75 minutes


The objectives of the Gottman Method Couples Therapy are to disarm verbal communication conflicts; increase intimacy, respect and affection; remove barriers that create a sense of stagnation; and create a greater sense of empathy and understanding within the context of the relationship.

This modality of therapy begins by having each couple complete an intake form and some relationship questionnaires. where they give their opinion of how the relationship is going in different areas such as communication, affection, friendship, sexual relationship, etc.

After this, each partner has a one-on-one session where they share their vision of the relationship and talk about what they want to see different in their relationship. The idea behind this is to allow each member of the couple to speak raw with the therapist and also to explore their comfort level in working with the particular therapist.

Starting from session number 3, the couple meets together with the therapist to work on the issues that both members have prioritized.

During the session exercises are practiced for the couple to learn a new way of communicating and solving problems.

Before the first session, you must complete and return the following forms to us:

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Duración de la sesión

50 minutos


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