Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for anxiety disorders or depressive disorders (4 sessions | 50 min)

$400.00 50 minutes


Each session will focus on specific areas that both the client and the therapist have agreed upon.

The modality requires completing questionnaires to assess how anxiety or depression gets in the way of people’s life goals.

The therapy is virtual and we use an encrypted medical teletherapy site:

All information shared with your therapist will remain confidential, except for the legally mandated exceptions which are:

Duty to warn and protect

  • If you reveal a plan or threat to harm yourself, the therapist should attempt to notify your family and notify legal authorities. Additionally, if he reveals a plan to threaten or harm another person, the therapist must warn the potential victim and notify legal authorities.
  • Abuse of children and vulnerable adults
  • If abuse or harmful neglect of children or vulnerable adults (i.e., elderly, disabled/incompetent) are disclosed or suspected, the therapist must report this information to the appropriate state agency and/or legal authorities.
  • Prenatal exposure to controlled substances
  • Therapists must report any admitted prenatal exposure to controlled substances that may be harmful to the mother or child.

Before the first session, you must complete and return the following forms to us:

Forms link

Additional information

Duración de la sesión

50 minutos


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